We approached our client with a proposal to offer them a more sustainable collection box.  We were told “we have bought these from our existing supplier for the last 17 years and not sure you can offer a cost saving, let alone any sustainable benefits”.   So we took on the challenge!

Our Solution:

  • Bespoke Design Concepts – more ergonomic – easier to hold
  • Full end of life plan
  • Significant cost saving – double digit percentage
  • Manufactured in UK

The collection container is produced from recycled milk cartons with a full end of life plan.  We provide a solution where the product can be returned to our production facility and disassembled.   All parts (chains & cord) are re-used, whilst the container gets granulated down and recycled into future production.
We’re really pleased with all aspects of the service The Sourcing Team offered with regards to this project. You went above and beyond on all of our objectives in terms of price, service, design, flexibility, ethical and environmental considerations. Sustainability is something that everyone wants but can rarely implement in a cost neutral way. This is what makes the collecting box project so unique. The Sourcing Team were a real driving force in making this work.

Leighla Kirk, Merchandise Development Lead, Macmillan Cancer Support