About Us – The Sourcing Team

About US

The Sourcing Team source ethical and sustainable products across the UK, Europe and Asia pushing boundaries to constantly search out and pioneer new processes, materials and end of life solutions.

Working with some of the UK’s leading charities and commercial organisations we blend creativity, innovation and purchasing prowess to create off-the-shelf through to fabulously creative, made to order products that bring brands to life.

We provide sustainable eco products for a wide range of commercial and charity clients to support events, brand launches, trade campaigns, employee initiatives through to range planning and buying for retailers with a high street and online offering.

We work with like-minded clients that care about their brand, customers, staff, the planet and its people and we are proud to be a B Corporation, a growing movement of organisations using business as a force for good.

Sustainability runs throughout our business; it is our whole ethos. It’s about being part of change, driving better behaviours that improve lives, reduce environmental impact and protect our world.

Demand for ethically sourced and sustainable eco products has grown tremendously. To support this and drive momentum for change we constantly innovate by searching out new materials and manufacturing methods finding the best supply partners to help produce more sustainable promotional products.

This goes across everything we do creating the most sustainable products from the materials we use, and those to avoid, to the use of recycled materials to the production and transportation methods to reduce the carbon footprint, where possible sourcing locally and seeking ways to reuse waste from production. Then working with factories to make sure safe processes are adopted in manufacturing and workers’ rights and health are protected.

There are really exciting developments in materials, pioneering new products, making them cost effective and viable in larger scale production. Some examples include using natural, certified organic cotton or bamboo in clothing, long lasting materials such as steel and aluminium, recycled PET from bottles through to collected waste from the oceans and wheat chaff waste made into bio plastics. We minimise unnecessary packaging, using new technologies to make sure packaging is recyclable or compostable. And of course, thinking about what the whole life cycle looks like including end of life product planning.

Sustainable Products

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing ensures that the products are created through responsible and sustainable methods. We have worked hard to develop better ethical practices and to transform our operation over the last 10 years. We constantly evolve; our clients trust us to stay at the forefront of ethical sourcing, being up to date with current thinking, how we integrate this into our business.

Our eyes are wide open, we ask all the right questions from our supply chain, we share insights and knowledge with them to help them build the highest standards in their own factories. This means that human rights are respected, workers are paid a fair wage and that working environments are safe. We are highly accredited being proud to be a B Corporation, using business as a force for good and being awarded SME of the year by EcoVadis, the business sustainability ratings agency.

Consumers and buyers want to make sure there is transparency around ethical sourcing and measures for evaluating and tracking continuous improvement. This is very important to our clients, underpins their values and ethics but also critically important in supporting and protecting brands from risk and safeguarding their reputations.

Many promotional products are produced in factories around the world, some of those producing markets do not have the same regulations in place to protect their workers as you see in Europe or developed markets. As members of SEDEX we manage all the due diligence on our suppliers and factories, managing factory audits, ongoing reviews, going beyond best practice to help make workers lives better and safer.