We only buy promotional merchandise from our fully approved ethical supply chain.


On Being Ethical

Being an ethical promotional merchandise sourcing business includes a commitment to the following:

  • Anti-Bribery and anti-corruption
  • The Modern Slavery Act
  • Ethical purchasing and supply chain evaluation
  • Labour and Human Rights
  • Capacity building and beyond audit
  • Best practice and knowledge share
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Giving back - locally and globally
  • London Living Wage Certified
  • Endorse the ETI – Ethical Trading Initiative
  • Promote the ETI Base Code

Our SEDEX AB Membership (Buyer/Seller) enables us to share supply chain documentation and factory audits. SEDEX Membership Number ZC1087613. In addition, we endorse and work to the The Ethical Trading Initiative - ETI and The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Ethical Codes of Practice.

Many promotional products are produced in factories around the world, some of those producing markets do not have the same regulations in place to protect their workers as you see in Europe or developed markets. As members of SEDEX (a global non-profit membership organisation, making it simpler to business that’s good for everyone) we manage all the due diligence on our suppliers and factories so that our clients don’t have to worry. Managing factory audits, ongoing reviews going beyond best practice to help make workers lives better and safer. We do it because we care and our ethos and values are all about buying ethically and being as sustainable as possible in all the products we produce.

As a global sourcing company we buy promotional products from both local manufacturers and manufacturers around the world, we’ve been doing this for 22+ years and bring huge expertise in ‘doing the right thing’ for both ‘people and planet’.

Why does ethicability matter to our clients? We represent global brands and not-for-profit organisations who also care about their impacts and they have to manage their reputational risk. The risk from working with inappropriate factories that could put their brand asset at risk from reputational damage.

Our eyes are wide open, we ask all the right questions from our supply chain, we share insights and knowledge with them to help them to do business better in their own factories.

We are leaders in our sector, embracing and driving positive change. Helping our clients meet their obligations for transparency and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act whilst mitigating their brand risk.

If these values align with your own - we’d love to tell you more and help you with your sustainable promotional products and marketing campaigns!

To find out more about our Beyond Audit Programme and how we make a difference email Gill Thorpe, our founder and business lead on our ethical programme.