The Sourcing Team

Our Values

Our Values

As a promotional product sourcing company our values are focused on three key areas:

  • Buying from an ethical supply chain

  • Creating sustainable product solutions

  • Ensuring the products we supply are safe and legally compliant

Where do these values come from? 

Ethical - about 19 years ago, on one of our founders early buying trips to Asia she visited a particular factory that left a lasting memory.  She found the factory totally unacceptable in terms of the working conditions, the way the workers were treated and the attitude and behaviour of the owner.  When she returned she wanted to find out what good looked like from an ethical perspective and the journey began!  Our CEO is totally passionate about going beyond best practice in ensuring workers in our supply chain are treated fairly and within a safe and appropriate environment.  This passion has led to our own beyond audit programme in partnership with Oxfam GB.


Our Values