Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day In Bar Campaign

Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day In Bar Campaign

murphy The sourcing team

Success story in creating a bespoke in bar campaign for a St. Patrick’s Day Promotion

Our client required 500 bespoke shaped Buzz Wire Games for an in-bar promotion across the UK, delivery was required in 6 weeks and it had to be produced with a shamrock shaped buzz wire! Just a small challenge!

We produced a bespoke ‘Shamrock’ shaped buzz wire onto a robust branded base for use in the participating pubs for use on St. Patrick’s Day.  When you bought a pint of Murphy’s you would receive a go on the buzz wire – if you completed the game successfully by the time the bar staff have pulled your pint then you would receive another print – free!

The Sourcing Team were able to offer a solution for a bespoke Murphy’s Buzz Wire from their UK factory as the Far East lead times were not workable.  They came back quickly with prices and solutions early on in the project, allowing us to understand that the budgets and timelines were achievable for this promotion.

Account Manager – Vitamin V

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