Bringing your brand to life for employees to onboard, engage, incentivise and retain

Bringing your brand to life for employees to onboard, engage, incentivise and retain

Making your teams feel valued can make such a difference to their motivation, wellbeing and feeling of belonging. Promotional merchandise can do just that whether it is part of an onboarding pack, to celebrate a success, launch a new product or service, bring your brand to life or when getting involved in team or charity events.

Making a great first impression

The first day of work can be nerve wracking for a new employee so making them feel welcome is vital. A selection of things to make them feel instantly part of the team and the opportunity to reflect your brand values. For example, ethically sourced and sustainable products can help showcase your story in a tangible way and products like a reusable coffee cup, water bottle, clothing will get them off to a great start.

Supporting your staff over time

A focus on wellness and wellbeing can help over periods of change across teams or for the individual. Moving office, working from home or returning to work can be a period of uncertainty so doing everything you can to make the transition successful and show you care can help. Products can create a positive feeling of belonging, of excitement in a new location or create that link to your colleagues when working from home or a much-needed uplift in spirts.

Building excitement and success

Launching a new product, service or brand is an opportunity to bring real fun, excitement and pride into the workplace and get your teams onboard. What better way to bring your brand to life than carefully selected, branded products that help reflect your brand story. Products can also bring a physical reward for success whether it reflects a team or individual performance or celebrating a key anniversary.

So whether you are looking to bring a new employee on board, inspire and motivate existing team, bring a new brand or service to life we have a fantastic range of products to choose from.

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