Charity Fundraising and Cashless Giving

Charity Fundraising and Cashless Giving

Charity Fundraising and Cashless Giving

Use every day fundraising materials to capitalise on cashless donations

Engage with different audiences + drive larger and further donations + capturing gift aid and building awareness for both your charity, fundraising challenges or engage with possible volunteers.

Why cashless donations matter to today's charities

43% of people carry less cash than they did 2 years ago. 1 in 7 people have walked away from a possible donation simply because they had no cash. 72% of 18-25 year old’s are will to use their mobile phones for charitable giving

Why cashless fundraising will future proof your charity

With the growth of alternative payment methods there is a need for charities to cash-in on digital donations – the mobile wallet is quick and very convenient. Plus, millennial's love the idea of a cashless society. What is important for the charity sector is to capture on the go donations be it cash or digital so that they don’t miss donations.

How it works using NFC?

We are connecting physical objects to experiences, converting offline interest into an instant mobile engagement. NFC is a way of connecting two devices wirelessly when in proximity. NFC is what is used in your smartphone for your mobile wallet. It is a great solution for charities to get their audience from a piece of print or a physical item, straight to your online space quickly and easily with a simple ‘tap’ of your smartphone on the device within the promotional product.

Donation Template

Take mobile donations easily and securely with our donation services. For a nominal transaction fee of only 2.5%, you can enable your traditionally physical promotional material to attract a wider demographic of user. Average donation from our platform is £7.50 + you can also capture Gift Aid.

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