Eco Friendly Promotional Items – A view of the options available 13/04/11

There is a good deal of eco information out there but much of it is misleading or confusing. We don’t pretend to be experts on the subject but have pulled together a few points to make you think about what you want from your purchase and how best to achieve it.

Promotional items first and foremost need to deliver your message; however there are many ways to deliver that message which meet ethical or environmental criteria or both.

Sadly there is no such thing as the perfect option, what you can do is decide what is important to you as a company or individual and work towards best practice in that area.

Take bags for instance. There is a huge array of product on the market. Opinion now is that polythene bags are damaging to the environment but what’s the best alternative? You need to decide what criteria you want to meet and then source accordingly. Do you want an item that is made from recycled materials or one that is made from materials that can be recycled? A bag whose manufacturing process uses the least energy or one that is made from organic or FSC materials? Or are you happy with any bag providing it can be used over and over?

These questions can be replicated across a wide range of products – there are endless products and claims out there, but if you are clear on your primary eco-requirement you can choose a product that meets those needs. Many, of course, will meet several but focusing on your key concern will help you make the right choice – both for you and the planet.

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