Event Plan 2020 – Sustainable Branded Products

Here at The Sourcing Team after 22 years we are very used to clients calling the team and saying, “we have an event next week and we'd like to have some branded giveaways!” Whilst we jump through hoops to help our clients to find that something exciting for their events – we always suggested building a plan to incorporate the branded marketing products to used.

Of course, today we can turn promotional products in a very quick lead time (the benefit of having some really brilliant, local suppliers) however, we like to work with you at the event planning stage to ensure you have everything you need – well designed and at the best prices possible.

When the request comes in last minute – it can mean that there is less choice of collateral and last-minute rush orders can bring extra stress for you as a buyer and indeed for our suppliers.  We work with you to plan your events over the year to ensure you have what you need when you want it and also to ensure we guide you to buy your promotional products for our events in the most cost-effective way.

Looking at your full calendar of events for 2020 allows you to build out the materials required, some of which can be used for multiple events – getting the ground work done so you know when you need to place your order to get the products on time.

If you would like us to help you with promotional products for your 2020 events, click here … and let's get started!

Here are a few things you might want to include in your planning



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