Freshers Fair Giveaways

Freshers Fair Giveaways

Freshers’ Week – looking for sustainable giveaways?  Sustainable products + tech enabled merchandise creates a great way for brands and student unions to stand out from the crowd at this year’s Freshers’ Fairs

Why Freshers' Week is important for brands

For many brands and local businesses, it is a vital time to connect with students across the country. It is a very busy time for student campaigns, finding new, relevant and fun ways to connect with the students. The challenge is to maximise impact, ensure your brand stands out in this busy, crowded space with so many major brands looking to capture the interest and connection with students.

Why should brands use sustainable promotional merchandise?

Students do love a freebie but it is also important to remember that freebies say something about your brand, with the huge focus on the environment, climate change and sustainability it is important to think carefully about the branded merchandise you use, what it says about your brand and that it has longevity of use. Fun, practical but with a story behind it, all helps to cement your corporate values and attract those students who will expect to see a focus on sustainable products.

Using NFC enabled merchandise to appeal to millennials

As with any campaign, it is important to stand out and engage. A fabulous way to do this is to have an attractive and appealing stand. Or use NFC enabled promotional merchandise to connect with the millennials. Adding a competition or, a fun activity to the stand, can help you to attract and engage, adding the opportunity to win something will add to the interaction and memorability of your brand.

Freshers’ Week 2019

Universities across the country are getting ready for Freshers Season – make sure your brand stands out with ethically sourced, sustainable promotional merchandise – our team are here to help!

Its nearly time for all the excitement of Freshers week, with all the university students eager to find their newfound freedom, a special time to make new friends, the opportunity to join various on-campus clubs and societies – generally, settling into Uni life!

Tech enabled merchandise using NFC technology

If you do want to stand out and be remembered our new Tech enabled merchandise using NFC technology can also be a brilliant way to connect and stay connected with your target audience, with some fun engagement throughout Freshers’ Week and beyond, giving you the opportunity to capture email sign ups.  It’s simply activated by the student via their mobile phone - like to find out more or arrange a Demo then do fill in the quick contact form below.

In addition, our display materials for example, a pull up banner can be made interactive with our NFC technology sharing your content directly with the students; linking them to your bespoke content.

Remember this is not just about Freshers’ Week – this is a brand opportunity to start a journey, engage and connect with the students throughout their time at University.  Students are in demand and brands are competing for that student time, engagement and their wallet - so don’t underestimate the value of a great Freshers’ Week campaign.

Like some help? Then just fill in the request form below and we’ll help you deliver on your goals for Freshers’ Week 2019.

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