Freshers Fair Giveaways

Freshers Fair Giveaways

Freshers Fair Giveaways

Stand out from the crowd with our ethical and sustainable products and giveaways – perfect for environmentally aware students, graduates and those searching out new job opportunities. Plus, brand new NFC enabled, low cost interactive products for instant interest and engagement, we even have digital business cards to keep you in touch!

How to get maximum impact for your brand

Whether it is Freshers’ Week or a Graduate or Recruitment fair we have brilliant products that help you maximise your impact and ensure your brand stands out in this busy, crowded space. With so many major brands alongside societies and local businesses looking to capture the interest and connection with visitors we help you find the right product to get your message across. And we are now able to create extra excitement and interaction with the tap of a phone linking products to your digital space.

Why should brands use sustainable promotional merchandise?

Everyone loves a freebie, but it is also important to remember that freebies say something about your brand. With the huge focus on the environment, climate change and sustainability it is important to think carefully about your branded merchandise and how it reflects your values. We make sure we protect your brand from risk with thorough product compliance and using approved factories. Combine fun and practical products with longevity in mind and with inspiring sustainable story behind them.

Using NFC enabled merchandise to appeal to millennials

We are constantly looking for brand new innovations to keep our clients ahead of the game. Our new to market, NFC enabled promotional merchandise helps you to connect with tech-minded millennials. It’s simply activated by the student via their mobile phone adding interaction and memorability to your brand experience via your stand or products linking to a tech-enabled competition, promotion, quiz or instant win. It’s a brilliant way to create noise and attention around your stand and a high level of engagement.

If you do want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered for the right thing, our sustainable and ethical products are perfect. And to create a real buzz and traffic around your area, a tap of a phone takes your audience into multiple interactive activities that extend immediate communication into longer term engagement opportunities.

To find out why our products are perfect for graduate and recruitment fairs, Fresher’s Week or any other events, get ideas for your event or arrange a quick demo to see our NFC products in action then fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you.

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