Get Proactive – the business is out there! 18/11/10

Well I hope this year has brought everyone some great business?  Having heard so much doom and gloom it is brilliant to find ourselves rushed off our feet and winning some new, exciting business.

Following the lean times, which hopefully most of us took advantage of to give our businesses a bit of a shake-up, reviewing carefully our operations with a view to making savings and, generally ensuring we are running as efficiently as possible.

I’m a great believer that good does seem to come out of a bad situation!  The recession has been disastrous for many businesses, and many have lost the fight for survival but there are also good stories where businesses have grown and developed through these difficult times. 

The recession has been a rude awakening, but a great reminder of just how important our customers are to us and, how we should look after them to retain and grow their business.  We are very lucky to have such a fabulous customer base – but it didn’t just appear overnight, we work incredibly hard and we never sit back and wait for the business to rush through the door.  You have to be creative, proactive with an absolute focus on customer care!

So, if you’re phones are quiet and your sales are down – get proactive because there is lots of business out there!

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