How can you make your brand stand out

Make your brand stand out

We create 1000’s of beautiful promotional notebooks – from our wonderful range of sustainable books and pens, through to totally unique, bespoke designs that really ensure your brand and gift are memorable with great stand out. 

We have manufacturer in the UK and across Europe, allowing us to offer our customers totally bespoke branding options including gilt or coloured edges pages, contrasting elastic closures, belly bands, logo printed paper edges, stitched book detail to bring quality contrast, printed book ribbon, debossing, embossing and foil printing, your content insert pages, contrasting pen loops, personalised pages with your logo to the bottom of every page, lined paper, sketching or squared paper … the choices are endless.

The choice of writing instruments is vast too again, we have wonderful sustainable promotional writing instruments for brand name ink pens, propelling pencils, recycled pens, 100% recycled pens.

Our clients buy 1000’s of promotional notebooks for conferences and events and what even more exciting is you bring your gift to life by adding NFC tags to the notebooks, enabling your customers to access your event speaker bios, polls, event schedule and in fact any content you want to share simply by tapping or scanning the notebook you give away at the event.  You can even add your event presentations after the event for your customers to access!

Luxury gold page edges

Luxury Silver/Gold/Coloured page edges

Contrast colour Elastic




A custom designed bellyband will add a professional finish to each journal while strengthening your marketing strategy.

Logo Printed on the Edges

Printed logo on book edges

Stitching Details

Stitch Details

Add a decorative stitching around the edges of the notebook to give a traditional feel.


Printed Logo on the Ribbon

Logo printing on Ribbon


Debossing.Embossing.Foil Printing


Printed Inserts

Printed Inserts

How can you make your brand stand out

Pen/Pencil Loops