What are some of the key considerations when sourcing promotional products – how do you keep it on brand?

Finding the right promotional product for your campaign takes a bit of thinking, but also key is where the items are sourced, what the item says about your brand and how sustainable is the product? We love what Innocent have been doing with their little hats – brilliant!

A few things to consider when you are sourcing promotional products:-

  • Can your supplier clarify that the factory source is ethically approved?
  • Who is the product intended for – for example, if children then you must ask your supplier for proof that the product has been tested to the EU (or relevant market) requirements and that it is suitable for the age group in question?
  • Is the item suitable for your brand?
  • Does it fit with your values and brand identity?
  • Think about the full story – packing – delivery – distribution for example and add this all to the supplier brief. The fuller your brief is upfront, the better the response will be from an end to end perspective.
  • How sustainable is the item – what is it made of, where is it made, can it be recycled at the end of life?
  • Will it deliver the messaging you want to communicate – can you print, embroider, engrave the item in the way you would wish – be clear about your message to ensure it is possible.

These are just a few considerations, however, thinking all these issues through at the early stage helps your supply partners to understand your total requirement, to be able to come up with right promotional product solution and support you in delivering a great marketing campaign.

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