Make sure you excel at the next graduate talent acquisition fair

Graduate fairs are all about brand exposure and spotting future talent. The only way to attract and engage the best is by standing out and profiling your graduate programme with useful and memorable products that are sustainable, reusable and aligned to your values and your brand.

With three decades’ experience in designing, sourcing and creating great promotional campaigns, we really can deliver products that ensure you remain front of mind with future talent.

Recently we worked with Enterprise Rent-A-Car on their graduate talent acquisition campaign and delivered material that truly engaged future talent.

The vision behind Enterprise’s campaign was sustainability with brand exposure. Promotional items had to be practical while ensuring brand memorability. We successfully worked together to deliver products which were useful, reusable and trendy, while ensuring excellent visibility for the Enterprise Team at the fairs.

enterpriseAs they told us afterwards, we provided them with “Fantastic tailored service which met and exceeded our expectations with delivery and the level of customer service provided throughout. Thank you!”

We would love to help you plan your ideal graduate talent acquisition campaign. We have just returned from our overseas trips brimming with ideas, and we have a superb selection of new and exciting products to help you create that wow! impression.

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