Mother & son bake for the team!

Well we wanted to make something a bit fun, so James and I decided to make some gingerbread people and make one for all the team … I only had self-raising flour although recipe did specify plain .. I convinced James it would be fine. When he opened the oven to take them out he shouted “We’ve got fat gingerbread people!!” Okay, I don’t mind admitting I was wrong! Off to the shop for plain floor and we made a new batch .. creating a much slimmer team!

James bless him spent hours decorating all the office characters – very cute and tasted great!

I decided to make a little cake that promised to add on the pounds – I don’t mind saying myself it was gorgeous. I did manage to break my Kenwood whisks .. don’t ask how – anyway thank goodness these spares are on line so they are ordered ready for this week’s cake making for the event!