Never Lose a Sale

Are you losing shop-floor sales because your staff are not equipped to comfortably handle omnichannels?side picture retail emails

Omnichannels are delivering strongly across all sectors, and the rise in the use of digital technologies by sales staff is promoting new ways to help customers order items not available in store for delivery to their home or for pick up in store.

A number of established retail names and superstores are already using iPads/tablets teamed with branded merchandising for in-store staff. They have found that this approach extends clientelling, making it also happen on the shop-floor – staff are visible and can provide a quicker, more valuable service to customers, having access to additional product data, stock availability or finalising an order.

We have available smart and practical digital tools for the retail environment, such as tablets, high-quality stylus pens, lens cloths and other accessories, all of which are contained in branded holders and are sustainable and reusable.

With three decades’ experience in designing, sourcing and creating great promotional merchandising, we can equip your staff on the shop-floor so that you will never miss an opportunity to close a sale.

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But don’t just take our word for it. We would love to show you our range of in-store sales products. We have just returned from a number of overseas trips with a superb selection of new and exciting products designed to work with digital tools and omnichannels.

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