New bpma research reveals interesting insights into consumers’ reactions to adverting media

The bpma commissioned research 2013, carried out by Michaela Mora of Relevant Insights LLC an independent research company.

A link is provided to download the report. My own thoughts about the survey, as someone who specialises in sourcing and creating bespoke premiums and promotional products is that there are lots of elements that tick all the right boxes for using promotional products within your marketing campaign.

The results are an interesting read and an important consideration when deciding how to use our limited marketing budgets. Today we are limited on what we have to spend so it’s critical to ensure we get the best return on our investment in everything we do. As with everything there is not one solution that fits all and I for one, love the range of marketing disciplines which work independently, but can be so much more powerful when linking the campaign with a promotional product.

It is surprising to see such low response or recognition to direct mail – but, are we talking about the “standard envelope” direct mail or a clever thought out DM campaign? With something in the envelope which entices you to open it? We are involved with lots of campaigns that have a product in the envelope – for example a bespoke ice cube tray (many years ago) for a VW DM piece – the agency won a gold award at the DMA – it was a brilliant piece of DM that delivered brilliant results. So isn’t it about the overall creativity in the campaign that makes it memorable? Interestingly, we recently briefed a design company on a project and within the discussion I referred to the VW tray – instantly he remembered the campaign landing on his desk – clearly I was delighted! DM has changed massively but it does still have its place enhanced by an incentive to open the envelope!

Running a TV campaign which is supported by a shopper marketing campaign can hugely increase the retention to the brand and message. For example launching a new product which is supported by in store activity, say for example product tasting – with the shopper team in fully branded garments with great POS material, these quickly attract attention and certainly increase retention. Making it creative and fun is all part of the overall shopper experience and memory recall.

There is so much noise going on everywhere – our built in filters are cutting much of it out, so being able to grab attention for a split second is tough! But it is still possible across all media through a great piece of creative.

My frustration over my many years in promotional products is that it, like all the above, there needs careful thought, finding that right incentive for the right message for the brand and target market is a skill. There is nothing worse than being sent or given a promotional product that is tasteless, meaningless and irrelevant!

I am delighted in the bpma research because it does reinforce the strength of using a promotional product in your campaign. We are privileged to work with some amazing corporate clients and our agency partners working together to create meaningful, exciting and relevant campaigns linking with all the other media helping to bring it all to life.

*There is also some interesting US Research provided by PPAI comparing the different media.

Bpma Research 2013 from The Sourcing Team