NFC Promotional Products

NFC Promotional Products

Tech Enabled Promotional Merchandise

With a tap of a phone on products enabled with NFC we can create totally new brand experiences at events, in retail, leisure and restaurant venues, recruitment fairs driving engagement through loyalty schemes, quizzes, business cards connections, information – the list is endless.


Connecting physical objects to experiences

Using NFC, we are connecting physical objects to experiences, converting offline interest into instant mobile engagement. NFC is a way of connecting two devices wirelessly when in proximity. NFC is what is used in your smartphone for your mobile wallet. It is a great solution for marketeers, brands and companies to get their audience from a piece of print or physical item, straight to your online space quickly and easily with a simple ‘tap’ of your smartphone on the device within the promotional product.

Why NFC (Near field communication) is so hot for 2020

NFC – near field communication has been around for a while however, it hasn’t yet been developed to its full potential and with our partnership with Thyngs, there are endless opportunities. Firstly, NFC is now more accessible to all – it is cross platform which means it works with both Android and iPhone (every iPhone since the 8). Secondly, we are now able to incorporate NFC Tags into a wide range of our sustainable products including note books, bags, cups, clothing, signage, menu holders to name a few.

Track and understand your results and metrics

A the heart of our product is a proprietary platform allowing you to track performance such as levels of contacts and interactions, in real time if you wish, across events or campaigns depending your type of activity and experiences you are running. It also allows you to look at further levels of engagement post activity with those who have opted in for further communities.

The Sourcing Team and Thyngs Partnership

Working both in the commercial and charity sector we are leaders in ethical, sustainable innovative promotional merchandise. A large focus of what we do is around innovation – future proofing our clients’ businesses and ours through new technology.  One such area is lead by our partnership with Thyngs.

Originally driven by the need for cashless giving for charities but as the relationship has developed, we have found there is also huge potential for our commercial clients.

One such product is the Digital Business Card

This is brilliant for providing information, building engagement, interaction and experience with your brand and products at events – demonstrating that your brand is up to date. The digital business card gives our clients the opportunity to substitute traditional business cards with a ‘tappable’ digital card.  Your card is personalised and can be tailored to your event, conference, exhibition or recruitment fair.

These digital cards ensure that your details remain relevant, regardless of what changes across the event and can be updated at any time using the Thyngs platform.

Like to see more…

The range of activity, interactive experiences and measurement are really exciting – we’d be delighted to meet and demonstrate this in action, discuss how it could work for you, how to set this up, what the platform could provide along with entry costs and timelines.

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Digital Business Cards

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