Bespoke Ice Cube Trays

The challenge for the Sourcing Team was to create a bespoke ice tray and deliver in high volumes within an eight week period at a limited budget. Our response was to produce handmade samples over a weekend, make amendments to these overnight and produce two sets of moulds in order to achieve double the production capacity in order to meet the tight deadline.

In order to maintain sales levels of the old Polo before its replacement with a new model, Volkswagen introduced a special edition version, Polo Match, with air conditioning as standard. But how to dramatise this feature? Proximity devised a mailing which included an ice tray able to produce Polo-shaped ice cubes with our preferred supplier, The Sourcing Team. This, the judges recognised, was the hero of the piece (DM Awards Winner) - “People wouldn’t throw the tray away,” they added. “They might give it to their kids, or serve up the Polo ice cubes at a dinner party for a laugh. And weeks later, they would still remember the ice cubes.”

Customers who had owned a polo for two to five years were the priority target, followed by prospects who have indicated that they planned to buy a new car within six months. Cold lists were also used to reach men over 45 (a strong segment and point of difference for VW in the small car market), and household where the main car is a robust, quality marque such as Audi, Volvo, Saab.