Product Conformity FAQ’s

Q. What do I need to consider to meet European requirements?
A. Our job is to check all the risks, legislation and general product safety and advise accordingly.

Q. What does cost to be compliant?
A. We have to advise on specific products and campaigns, generally it doesn’t cost you anything extra but if we produce a completely bespoke promotional product for you we will advise all the testing requirements and costs with your quotation.

Q. Surely everything these days is safe? Isn’t it?
A. No! Anyone can import product into Europe/UK – not all importers/suppliers carry out due diligence.

Q. I have a retail promotion – with a GWP – oven gloves and aprons, are these excluded as for a promotion?
A. Absolutely not. Particularly where there is a safety aspect and an international standard, for example with the oven gloves there will be to prevent burns.

Q. My promotional item is not a toy why have I been advised to test to toy safety?
A. Many products although not strictly toys have child appeal (bright colours, fun images, etc) and therefore, testing is strongly advised.

Q. Where can I find out about the legislation?
A. There are several excellent sources of information including BSI, product testing houses, government reference points (HSE).

Q. Are there really many issues with the product safety in the UK?
A. Well actually, UK product recalls jumped by 12% in the last 12 months – if you do not take care to check your organisation could be sued or lose money on a pulled promotion.

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