100% Recyclable Roller Banner

Its full size is 800x2000mm and can be printed full colour, so you get plenty of space to promote your brand or message and can rest assured your design will look vibrant and impactful with our printing. Besides being environmentally-friendly and innovative, this roller banner is also cost-effective, as it can be used multiple times, if dealt with carefully.

With a cardboard constructed base, a paper-based display and printed with Vegan accredited processes, this banner is a real first for the UK. Its fully compostable materials is what makes it 100% recyclable.

Another unique feature about this banner is the lining of seeds inside its base. This means you can literally bury it and the seedlings will starting to hatch within around three months as the cardboard banner begins to compost, and within 12 months you could have a lovely bed of flowers. The process could be quicker if the banner is broken into pieces before placed in the ground.

Size: 800mm (W) x 2000m (H)
Base Material: Cardboard
Display Material: Paper-based
Print Details: Printed with Vegan accredited processes. Printed full colour
Packing: Packed in a cardboard carton. 20 and above will be palletised.
100% recyclable
Plastic Free
Metal Free
This item is not retractable you can roll the banner up yourself.

Guide price based on MOQ 10 pieces based on full-colour print £125

Price excludes Carriage and Origination