Balcony Duo Herbs

Balcony Duo Herbs – The attractive eco-friendly, organic giveaway is a tiny balcony box. 2 terracotta pots with saucer, compressed soil and 2 different herbs seeds complete this duo. Advertising is possible on the standard design of the band. Can be personalised with a digital print of the band 1-4/0ccmyk, according to the artwork. Certification: EU Organic Farming logo
Contents: Balcony box with 2 terracotta pots Ø 4 cm, 2 saucers, compressed soil, seeds: basil, lemon balm
Size: 120 x 60 x 115 mm
Weight: 165 g
Seeds: basil, lemon balm
Advertising: 50×20 mm pad printing on the box or 45×25 mm on standard design band
Guide price MOQ 500 £5.46