The importance of ethical & environmental premium sourcing

I and my FD have attended some really interesting events over the last few weeks reminding us of the importance of our ethical and environmental premium sourcing. I think a big message for us is that we all have a big responsibility to take action within our own lives and businesses NOW! It reinforced our own supply chain management processes which whilst we believe are already robust – constantly need to be reviewed and updated in order to do the best we can in this area.

We heard some really inspirational and exciting stories about effective closed loop environmental practices and cradle to grave producer responsibility. Some exciting (whilst you would also say “about time”) positive action from the big players!

There are big challenges in helping us, businesses, consumers change our actions at home and at work to benefit the environment – prevent incineration and focus on recycling & reuse and reducing landfill. This takes collaboration (private & public sector) and education – mind-sets need to change and fast for the benefit of generations to come.