Clency Da Costa

clency da costa

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)20 8666 0788


Name: Clency Da Costa

Title: Digital Account Manager

 What is your role at The Sourcing Team?

“My job is to work with anything Digital in the company. My role is about focusing on driving business through our inbound marketing, keeping up to date with latest trends, SEO, website optimisation, project management of the CRM systems and making sure we have strategies in place for all inbound marketing campaigns.”

Bit of background about you?

“I am a Fashion Designer by profession and have 10 years of experience with textiles and clothing. After relocating to London from Goa I got an opportunity to work in the IT industry and since then I have been gaining some kickass skills in the digital side of businesses. I took a short break after becoming a mum and I was lucky to land a job with The Sourcing Team.”

What do you particularly like about working at TST?

“The ethical business values, the drive that everyone has here working to find sustainable solutions to every problem and a very ethical hardworking awesome team that motivates me to be a part of something bigger!”

What’s your favourite Promotional Product and why?

“The organic range of our Clothing. I always wanted to work in the ethical side of the fashion industry and I believe the clothing range we have here at TST is one of the most ethically sourced.”

Name someone who inspires you?

“My Papa. He always pushed me to be more independent and inspired me to dream.“

What is your favourite pastime?

“I love everything that connects me to Mother Earth. Trekking, travelling, long walks having meaningful conversations with people. Oh, and I love to dance!”