Zsuzsanna Varro

Zsuzsanna Varro

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)20 8666 0792

Email: tstproduction@sourcing.co.uk

Name: Zsuzsanna Varro

Title: Production Manager

 What is your role at The Sourcing Team?

“Once an order is placed I take over! Working closely with the sales team, inputting the orders and project managing through to delivery.  Liaising with clients, supply partners and the team to ensure we meet all our client expectations.”

Bit of background about you?

“I have had various jobs during my career. I am from Budapest Hungary – where I gained a wealth of experience in auditing, qualified in accounting and payroll, vendor management, workforce training and marketing.   I’m passionate about developing my skills and expertise in my current role. “

What do you particularly like about working at TST?

“I like the atmosphere here. Everybody is very helpful you can learn a lot from them.

The feeling when you like to come into work.”

What’s your favourite Promotional Product and why?

“Pens are my favourite. Particularly like the exclusive ones.”

Name someone who inspires you?

“I cannot really name someone who inspire me. I feel that I am inspired by people around me when I am engaged in a group, like now.”

What is your favourite pastime?

“I like cycling and also travelling to discover other countries and learn.”