The Sourcing Team Round Up of #PPWeek 2015 – ‘Promotions in Action’ – Team engagement, bringing clients, suppliers, prospects and local businesses together, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and donating to OneLife UK – ‘wow’ what an achievement in one week! @promotionalproductweek

The Sourcing Team Welcome #PPWeek-small

The bpma set one week in the annual calendar to celebrate our industry in the supply of promotional products. A week where the community of members all focus on sharing what’s great about promotional products; why they should be part of the marketing mix, how they can be used and why they deliver as part of your marketing strategy.

Our approach was to bring the whole team together to plan and create our campaign 2015. The team worked incredibly hard to pull together our event on 15th September at ProjectB in Croydon. The bpma theme being ‘Promotions in Action’ – what better than to showcase some of the work we have created for our wonderful customers over the year. And why not add to that an explanation on how we as a smaller business pull everything together for our own brand marketing!

It created the perfect opportunity to invite some of our wonderful supply partners, network of connections, clients and prospects as well as build new relationships and opportunities with local businesses. That is exactly, what we did!

Our team created a wonderful, fun and engaging event – we turned ‘ProjectB Pink’ (well that goes without saying!) we demonstrated how we work, maintaining our values of ethical, compliant and sustainable. We gave clarity as to what is required to be a truly professional sourcing company and promotional product supplier; years of expertise, process, accreditations, creativity, global networks and yes, hard work and commitment.

We showed our guests how to use promotional merchandise as part of a well thought our marketing strategy – ensuring all elements fit together in terms of brand identity and message. We shared a presentation that demonstrated that everything we do at The Sourcing Team.

The event itself was a fantastic opportunity for all the team to engage with clients and supply partners, and we were delighted at the calibre and attendance for our event. It was a great opportunity for some of our key supply partners to meet and talk to our customers in a very relaxed, engaging afternoon.

The networking on the day was unbelievable, OneLife UK took lots of wonderful pictures for us to share – some have been added to our Pinterest page for #PPWeek 2015:-

Our play on promotions in action and how to pull it all together meant we created a great presentation to share with our guests and it has been made available to them after the event. We created a new white paper in promotional products again, as a follow up piece to the event.

Thank you to our amazing supply partners, who so generously donated wonderful prizes for the raffle and the silent auction. We managed to raise £963.00 over the week! Thank you for the generosity of both our guests and suppliers in making this happen!

Plus another charity that is near and dear to our hearts is OneLife UK, who gave us wonderful video footage and photographs of Tuesday’s event for which we have made a significant donation. Thank you Wayne & Mete – you were truly brilliant as always! Check out some of their work in the community:-

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate, learn more about the huge benefits in using promotional products and join in making this a really enjoyable day.

A massive thank you to our team here – who managed to execute a fantastic event on top of the very busy day job! Go Team TST – proud of you!

Overall this has been a great success on all fronts – awareness, engagement and fundraising!

If you would like a copy of our ‘Pulling it all together’ presentation or, our ‘Effective use of Promotional Products’ please call or drop an email to Debbie Millis – Client Service Manager or, 020 8288 8277.

Only 358 days until the next #PPWeek event!