The very handy pull-out key ring – from The Sourcing Team

We were thinking recently about those really handy little card Underground maps, the one’s you carry around in your Oyster wallet, jacket pocket or in your handbag – and regularly refer to it to find your way around town?

I have one, which is it looking a bit worn along the edges, dog-eared around the corners and, oops, accidentally torn down one of the folds? So we thought wouldn’t it be great if some of the expected 5.5 million visitors to London during 2012 carried something a little more practical and long lasting? Something that carried your branding and your personalised messaging, along with any additional maps, guides or promotions you wanted?

So, came up with a great idea, this nifty pull-out key ring, in fact we liked the idea so much we produced some to show you the possibilities.

Extraordinary stand out from the crowd products – you see some things work perfectly well on paper, but others… well, we think we can make them better. And that’s what The Sourcing Team is all about – finding and creating better, more useful and higher quality items that not only promote your business but reinforce your brand values too.

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