Thoughts on London from our intern Manon

Manon joined The Sourcing team as an intern for a few months earlier this year. During her time with us, she assisted in various departments, learning all about our company, clients and products and services. It wasn’t all work and no play though, as she also had time to explore London.  Following are her observations on London….

“Now that my adventure in the United Kingdom and at the Sourcing Team is coming to an end, I would like to share my experience from a French student’s point of view…

In common with all the big cities, though so different from Paris, London fascinates by the diversity and the atmosphere of each of its quarters. While in London, I explored…from Notting Hill to Tower Hamlets through the City of London… looking for small corners of hidden paradise.

DAY 1#

My first destination: Portobello and its small houses with colourful facades!FotorCreated2

During the week, the quarter is very quiet. Market sellers are not numerous. I discover a peaceful atmosphere where everybody takes their time, strolling by little vintage and antique shops. Products with Liberty patterns and used leather are not lacking and they add so much charm to this flea market.

Not too far away I discovered the big Victorian houses, contrasting enormously with vintage shops and flea markets.

And this is exactly what I like in London: I can discover a different and new area by just crossing a road.

I continued my walk in the direction of Somerset House – a key cultural destination in the heart of London. In this splendid historic building, I found art just as I like: works which I don’t understand, but which let one’s imagination run wild.


On to another advantage of living in London:  Free museums! This is a real chance to have easy access to culture. Enjoy it!

To end the day, I went to South Bank and Gabriel’s Wharf. This arty enclave is home to independent shops like Ganesha, a small store binding fair trade & Indian culture. Leaf plates, colourful and upcycled products… Minor miracles produced to respect the environment and the human…..Everything that The Sourcing Team likes and believes in!


DAY 2# Direction Tower Hamlets!

I start of with Brick Lane, the heart of the city’s Bangladeshi-Sylheti community -also known as Banglatown. Once at my destination, I was surprised by all the walls, the storefronts covered with spray-paint and the drawings in chalk on the ground. I had just discovered a new quarter of London: the universe of street art and graffiti artists, where a pleasurable smell of spices floats in the air.


My urban art hunting had therefore begun!

While exploring every corner and small path I happend to come across, by chance I stumbled upon Dray Walk.  There, a huge store of vinyl record was awaiting: Rough Trade. Their musical selection is considerable even if Rock ‘n’ Roll predominates it. However, it is a point of reference in London!


Satisfied with my little gig, I went back up all Brick Lane Street to arrive at Old Spitalfields Market. In the market, I found a mix of fashion, footwear, gifts, bric-a-brac… as well as many food trucks which made me want to try each and every one of their wares!FotorCreated5

Around me, the crowd was largely made up of City’s workers who came to stroll, rest in the sunlight or idle away their lunch break. I did not wish to disturb them, so I stayed in the background, observing the activity in the covered market. All about, there are many established diverse and well-known stores of fashion, design, makeup and food. They are well concealed and sympathetic to the style and the architecture of the place.

To make the most of this sunny day, I meandered in the streets to finally arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral.


What a great trip.  It’s true, the weather is not perfect in the United Kingdom, but that is how you discover and learn to like the first sunbeams.”

I would like to thank all the Sourcing Team for their warm welcome and for giving the opportunity to discover London by week.