What is the BPMA promotional product week #PPWeek and why do we celebrate it?

National Promotional Products Week, or #PPWeek, is celebrated nationally by the industry to raise the profile of promotional merchandise and demonstrate how the right product can be an effective solution within the marketing mix.

Promotional products are more than just a freebie.  They are a useful and practical brand extension, that keep your brand firmly in front of your customer.

Head huncho Gill Thorpe has been a supporter of BPMA for many years, serving as Chair, President and board member. As a company, we believe the association is there to ensure best practice, raise the standards for the buyers and to support their members to promote and grow the industry.

This year again,  TST has joined in celebrating #PPWeek by featuring the campaign mascot, #Ellie the elephant, and showing how even such a simple soft toy can bring home a concept – in our case sustainable and ethical supply chains for promotional products.  We had lots of fun with Ellie, so much so, that we even donated to the #WWF – World Wildlife Fund and adopted our very own Ellie.  Personalized Adoption Certificate.

TST Supporting WWF
TST Supporting WWF

However, what is important is understanding the added and extended value of effective and well-thought out promotional products.

Recent research by the BPMA highlighted that promotional products invoke loyalty in over three times as many recipients as the effects of mediums of print, web, direct mail and TV – that’s impressive stuff!

Ipad Info Graph
Research into Promotional Products *BPMA


Research into Promotional Products *BPMA
Research into Promotional Products *BPMA

Furthermore, promotional products make almost 6 times as many recipients feel appreciated than the use of print, web, direct, mail and TV.

With stats like these, you should be considering effective promotional merchandise for your brand, whether it is for a campaign, product lunch or rebrand of your image.

We prepared a white paper to help you in your thinking:  ‘Effective use of Promotional Products’. If you would like a copy and a chat with our product experts, please call  020 8288 8277 or drop an email to Debbie Millis – Client Service Manager debbiemillis@sourcing.co.uk – we are experts in our space and we’d love to help!