15 promotional products ideas for your next corporate event 2019!

Using promotional items is a good old traditional marketing strategy used by any business, whether small or large to keep their brand name in focus. Whether it is creating brand awareness at trade shows, attracting new customers or launching a new product, promotional products are a great way to get the brand name in front of existing and potential customers.

Its always advisable to plan well in advance as sourcing unique promotional products take time and effort. You need to also make sure you have the right budget, choose the correct promotional item that relates to your brand. One might have a huge budget and hence they can design personalized promotional items targeting niche market giving high end products. On the other hand, simple low-cost branded merchandise items make sense for spreading brand awareness among a general audience.

Here are top 15 promotional freebies ideas to use for your next event!

1) Promotional pencils and pens

Promotional pencils and pens


Get a jump start on your marketing efforts by using custom printed promotional pens and pencils with your brand logo on it. Its one of the most cost-effective promotional products when you are starting as a small business. There is a cost to creating promotional pens, but this marketing tactic is by far the most cost-effective one available.

2) Personalized eco-friendly water bottles

Personalized eco-friendly water bottles Personalized sustainable water bottles

Currently we are facing a huge problem with regards to using one time use plastic products. Plastic waste, which is known to be causing serious pollution and harm to our natural environment. As accredited members of SEDEX, we aim to take the right approach when it comes to sourcing promotional products that are environmentally friendly. We also make sure our suppliers understand our ethics when it comes to things like taking care of the environment. Shiva 750cc Bio Bottle is a is biodegradable that decomposes within 1-5 years.

3) Headset Splitter

Headset Splitter


A budget friendly phone accessory to share your favourite music at home and on-the-go. The Headset Splitter is a new sociable way to be anti-social, share your music in full stereo and not just in one ear.

4) Mini jute promotional bags or the evergreen promotional tote bags

Mini jute promotional bagsevergreen promotional tote bags evergreen promotional tote bags2

Custom printed bags are the perfect promotional items for companies to hand out at events. The eco-friendly mini jute bag or the Cotton Canvas Tote Bag are some options to put all the promotional freebies. Add your logo or custom message to enhance your event promotion. If your company is looking for some eco friendly options why not go for sustainable tote options.

5) Promotional Portable Power banks

Promotional Portable Power banks

Branded Tech items are a favourite among the millennials. Why not use it to your advantage and include it in your promotional freebies ideas checklist. Promotional wireless powerbanks are trendy and make a great promotional gift. It is useful piece of kit for staff, partners, or clients without putting a big hole in your budget.

6) Notebook Cover Belt

Notebook Cover Belt


The notebook cover belt allows you to have your notebook, your favourite pen/stationery and your phone all intact.

7) Ilo Multi Charging Cable

Ilo Multi Charging Cable


Promotional Charging Cables are the ideal giveaway for a range of gadgets. The Ilo multi charging cable made from fashionable high gloss acrylic it now makes your logo shine with a built-in LED when charging.

8) Branded hand sanitiser

Branded hand sanitiserPromotional hand sanitizers these days can be used in most business fields. They provide peace of mind where there is large traffic of people, so any office environment, event or exhibition can make good use, and having branding on view can provide a high number of impressions for your company, product or service.

9) Mint holder with lip balmWe are in love with dual use promotional products. This dual use Mint with lip balm perfect for a promotional conference event!

Mint holder with lip balm

10) Custom printed RFID sleeves

Custom printed RFID sleeves


These promotional RFID sleeve help protect your customers personal information and promote logo and message. With the advent of contactless payment systems and personal data storage on various forms of ID, personal data theft is a growing concern for many. Offering an RFID sleeve in your promotional freebies bag is a good idea.

11) Promotional Fidget Cube

Promotional Fidget Cube


The trendy and funky way to relieve stress, the new fidget cube is one of the most popular promotional stress toy giveaway items. An extremely effective desktop promotional item - a fidget cube to occupy the mind and bring respite to anxious, restless hands and fingers.

12) Custom Branded Cell Phone Holders

Custom Branded Cell Phone Holders


Smart and stylish phone grips/ phone holder is the smartphone accessory you never knew you needed till you start using it. Promotional phone accessories are must promotional item to add in your swag bag. PopSocket Phone Holders & Cell Phone Stands have slowly become one of the trendiest promotional items for 2018. This collection of useful promotional phone accessories will ensure your brand stays front of mind.

13) Multi Use promotional products

Multi Use promotional products Multi Use promotional products Multi Use promotional products

These products add more value as they can have multiple uses. Like the Keychain Bottle Opener with LED lightPen Highlighter Combo, Keyring with Token, or this Keychain Powerbank

14) Aluminium card holder

Aluminium card holder


Despite the onset of social media, we still believe that the business cards are still the best way to keep in contact at any networking events. Add this printed aluminium business card holder in your swag bag at your next corporate meeting or industry event and you're sure to find it being a popular gift.

15) Promotional Socks

Promotional Socks


Promotional Socks will last for years with regular washing and are simply great to be handed out as business gifts or company freebies!!

Make sure you choose the right option.Custom promotional products are a good way to get your business name out using attractive & unique promotional products. The best of promotional freebies last beyond the conference.  Offering trendy yet practical promotional giveaways is a great opportunity to build your brand presence in the market.If you need ideas on trade show displays ideas for organising an exhibition our blog post 11 Trade show displays ideas for organising an exhibition 2019 has got you covered!