Are your suppliers prepared for the 2009 Toy Safety Directive?

The Toy Safety Directive (2009 TSD) entered into force in July 2009 and will be applicable to toys placed on the market from 20thJuly 2011. The chemical provisions section will be applicable from 20thJuly 2013.

Manufacturers will need to conform to the requirements by means of a conformity assessment procedure and a safety assessment procedure. They must also identify the toy using batch /model numbers or similar and the manufacturers name, address and trade name/mark. When placing the toy on the market the manufacturer must draw up an EC declaration of Conformity (DoC) certifying responsibility for the compliance of the toy with the essential requirements of the 2009 TSD.
However did you know that importers placing a toy on the market also need to put on the item (or its packaging if it is not possible on the toy) their name, trademark/name and a single contact address which must be a street address or post box? Or that you need to keep a copy of the manufacturers DoC for a period of 10 years after the toy has been placed on the market?

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