If your laptop was stolen what would you lose…?

Recent figures from UK police forces show that over 34,000 laptops are reported stolen or lost each year with more than 3,300 going missing at the eight largest airports in EMEA each week. Analysts estimate the average value of data on each of those laptops at £320,000.

The Sourcing Team is proud to present…DCG Endpoint Protection – mobile laptop backup, recovery and data security in one!

DCG Endpoint Protection is an integrated laptop backup, recovery and data security service expressly designed to help control data across mobile workforces.  DCG Endpoint Protection makes PC backup and recovery both easy for the user and safe for the company.

The service backs up and recovers laptop data without hampering end user productivity – automatic backups are run quietly in the background.  Users can recover their own data quickly and at anytime, by a simple interface, without involving Help Desk staff.

DCG Endpoint Protection keeps working even when laptops are offline; data is backed up to the local hard drive and transmitted the next time the device connects to the network.  Backed up data is automatically moved offsite to the DCG cloud, providing disaster protection.  Even if a laptop is compromised the data can be recovered onto a new device in its current state, helping ensure business continuity.

DCG Endpoint Protection locks down endpoint data incorporating backup and recovery functionality, disk encryption, remote wipe capability and device tracking.


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