Differentiate to compete!

All businesses have competitors, and some industries are more competitive than others especially when dealing in what most would consider being ‘commodity’ items. Promotional Merchandise is no exception; price, choice and speed dominate the sector, with a small percentage of businesses like The Sourcing Team operating in the top echelons of the industry.

This is the crux of the problem for most small businesses, when price is such an issue what else can you do to make sure customers choose you? What makes The Sourcing Team different from anyone else? How can they exploit the difference and align it with Gill’s vision for the future of the business? This is where our brand journey began with Gill and her team.

It was a great experience working with Darren and his team on this project and we are excited about the next project working together!

Good brand identity is more than just a style makeover; it’s a serious investment in the future of a business. That’s why we spent time getting to know The Sourcing Team, their approach, values, competitors and customers.

What did we find out? We discovered a small business with big ideas! Passion, knowledge, bags of experience, a genuine altruism for the future of their industry and enough energy to power South London single hand idly for one day! Basically, their existing brand communications (the expectation) just didn’t reflect the customer service (the experience).

Having reviewed the direct competitive market, in a very ‘corporate’ world, we felt there was room for a brand that took itself seriously but had a playful edge. The emphasis is very much on the ‘Team’ ethic in the business – a collective spirit that is infectious.

The new visual identity reflects the energy and enthusiasm for their work, but the key to this brand is the use of language.

Now, never let it be said that the Sourcing Team are reserved in nature! The fact it’s difficult not to get carried along with their energy, and, as recently put in a meeting, they are exceptional hosts. Communication (obviously) is the purpose of any brand. However, it seemed appropriate in this instance to put that message at the very core of the brand.

The result is a flexible visual identity that ‘chats’ to the customer, has bags of humour and is very approachable. The Sourcing Team can do ‘corporate’ but it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to tow the corporate (communications) line!

We’ve stopped short of requesting Gill and her Team wear pink suits, but secretly I think they’ve been looking to buy some!

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