Night out for the team at Windsor Races!

In a recent tweet from OGILVY we read an article “Navigating the Reputation Economy” one section said “Reputation is an inside-out process. A regular theme among the most impressive companies (FedEx, Pfizer among them) was that you have to win first with your employees before you can win with customers and external stakeholders. Managing your reputation starts with your most valued asset – your people.”

Here at The Sourcing Team we have always recognized that our people are our most valued asset. Teamwork is crucial in a busy working environment and mixing socially and doing team building activities enhances the working relationships! A recent example being the bpma horse race evening at Windsor – as you can see from the shots, great fun was had by all. Note how you can always spot The Sourcing Team by their signature pink accessories (and there’s always one person who wants to be in every shot)!!

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