Do You Know How To Save The World One Bag At A Time?

reusable Bags Ethical sustainableFortunately for you, here at The Sourcing Team, we do. With our catalogue of new, versatile and reusable Bags.

Ensuring that our products are as eco-friendly as possible, once the products arrive in the UK, they are stored and printed in our eco carbon-neutral warehouse. We will offer Full Colour Process Digital UV, as it requires no disposal of inks or plates. The printing system only uses the ink that is used in the branding and has no solvents. In addition, the drying system is LED hence ultra-low energy. Plus the cleaning system is continuous and, again, uses no solvents. Another alternative will be the Screen Print as we will entirely use water-based inks, ensuring a chemical and solvent-free environment for all staff.

Why should we all switch to reusable Bags?

  • Plastic Bags are used for an average of 12 minutes, but a single plastic bag has a life expectancy of up to 1,000 years.
  • Only 1 in 200 plastic bags in the UK are recycled.
  • 85% of all sea turtles will be injured or killed by plastics in their lifetimes, including the endangered leatherback turtles that summer in Massachusetts Bay before migrating to the tropics to mate.
  • By using a reusable bag your branding will be a  “walking billboard” and it has a positive environmental impact.

Take a look at the top 4 designs of promotional bags, with a range of colours that could lift your promotional material to the next level.

B8850 – An clear favourite in the office as the denim design appeals to all ages and is a must have for the summer.

B9049 – In our opinion the most comfortable bag as the material is not only durable but extremely smooth, and with clear laser printing, can be a hit with any brand and all consumers.

JU2009 – The natural colour exemplifies how useful this product will end up being as the screen print will be clearly visible and the colour scheme fits well with an array of logos.

JU3005 – Designed to stand out, with a handy side pocket and distinct colour scheme built for your logo to stand out.

Special Offer to encourage you to consider the switch to a reusable bag we would be delighted to provide you with free visuals to see just how amazing your brand looks on our promotional bags.  And, for all reusable bag orders placed over the summer we would like to offer you a FREE screen set up charge – just quote code: TST.Bag Offer 0615. Available for June and July 2015 on orders of 500 pieces or more.

Watch a short video on one of the more jaw dropping campaigns to help save our oceans by Boyan Slat who is spearheading ‘The Ocean Cleanup’. Click here:

Our team would love to help you save the oceans one bag at a time. So call us on  +44 (0)20 8288 8277 or, drop us an email if you want to view our online Flip Catalogue click here

Great promotional products don’t have to be harmful to our environment – if you want to hear more about sustainable sourcing, receive a copy of our “Sustainable Whitepaper” or to arrange your Free Visuals simply email we would be delighted to share our knowledge with you and help you make a difference one bag at a time!