Let’s talk campaigns…Pringles!

Pringles Speaker Campaign

I thought this month for a change I would “talk promotions” in particular, one that I spotted in Tesco and Sainsbury’s recently.

So the campaign is about Pringles gearing up for festival fun for the summer, with an on-pack consumer offer to claim limited edition Pringles speakers.  The offer is running across Pringles core flavours – Original, Salt &Vinegar, and Sour Cream & Onion & Texas BBQ.    The promotion is running globally across 60 countries!

In the UK it’s running through May and June, a nice simple promotion with a good quality product to redeem.  Buy 3 cans and get your speaker free.  You simply have to go online to register your details, print your label which is sent to your inbox, containing your unique bar code for tracking, and simply send your pack foils in the post – no postage required.


By return you get a really fun speaker that fits into the top of your empty Pringles pack.  It also includes Duracell Batteries, which means you can use the product straight away and for P&G presumably, a cost benefit as Duracell is a P&G brand – there is a nice little Duracell image on the side of the gift box, adding a little promotion for Duracell too!

pringles speaker campaign

The letter which comes back in the red envelope with the nicely branded speaker gift box,  thanks you for collecting the free speaker – and talks about you enjoying & sharing the music wherever you are.  Which of course is the overall link – sharing. “Whether you‘re at home, at a picnic or out with friends, everyone will love it when you pop your speaker into an empty Pringles can and start dancing!”


The promotional sharing snack market is massive and experiencing continued growth year on year.  The promotion is a great trial activity along with the increased fun of the freebie, creating a buzz about sharing Pringles this summer.  YouTube too has a number of (slightly strange geeks) reviews of the product and promotion … fortunately, all reviews appear to be good so far – the power of social media!

The campaign also links in with sampling and trial activities running across many festivals this summer.

Overall, a really good promotion – simple, easy to claim, a good quality product (which I think is key), with quality batteries provided too! We love it!  The only down side we felt here in reviewing this campaign was that the in store presence was a big let-down.  No exciting point of sale and our quick straw poll in the office indicated that everyone was drawn to the buy 1 get 2 free offer, rather than the obvious speaker promotion itself, although that turned out to be a great additional perk!