People & Talent

Today it is vital to be the employer of choice and create an environment that has talent appeal.  What does that mean well, in part being a forward thinking organisation – flexi hours, inclusive, true to values, respectful to the fact that employees want to do an amazing job – but also have a balance between work and life!

People & Talent


There are many areas to consider; appealing to the right the talent, creating a culture and environment that is both fun, challenging and allows individuals to have personal growth.  And, its not just appealing to the right talent it is about ensuring once they join you deliver in terms of helping them to grow and flourish!

That's why we find lots of our clients buy branded merchandise to support a range of talent activities:

  • Student Fairs
  • Training programmes
  • On boarding packs
  • Team building activities
  • Retention programmes
  • Staff incentives and motivation
  • Staff awards
  • Volunteering schemes
  • Hot desking kits

…. To name a few!

As a new arrival in a business and being given a welcome pack – a well thought out kit of branded merchandise and on-boarding materials.  Making new staff feel really part of the team and valued as a new part of the business.

Attending student fairs – filled with corporations trying to attract the best talent – creating a fun and engaging, stand out presence.  Being creative and relevant to the people you are trying to attract – isn't easy.  Have a great wow stand, well branded, giving away a relevant and use piece of branded merchandise is critical as is making your stand ‘the stand not to miss'.  Make sure you give away that is going to make people say “wow – where did you get that!”.

Team building events often need uniforms or sporting outfits – great branding for your business and if you create cool outfits – your people will want to keep wearing your kit and promoting your brand!

Training programmes, workshop, personal development, conferences – keep it memorable with some well-designed, appropriate marketing collateral.. Branded note books with insert pages for reference material that makes it the perfect note book!  Don't go cheap and nasty – everything you do says something about your business!

With our new partnership with our technology partner we can also drive engagement, loyalty, discounts and much more at Uni's, Talent Fairs and much more.  Call Gill Thorpe - +44(0)7976 262 758 for more information.