Enabling Product with Technology

The Sourcing Team & Thyngs Partnership turns promotional items into interactive experiences

Thyngs will enable The Sourcing Team customers to add mobile engagement technology and cashless payments to their promotional products after the two companies signed a partnership deal.


The Sourcing Team is an ethical promotional merchandise company which designs and sources branded marketing products. Its clients range from major charities to high street retailers and consumer goods companies.

Brands will now be able to benefit from the addition of Thyngs' low-cost technology, which lets users access bespoke digital content and make payments by simply using their smartphone to scan a QR code or tap a near-field communication (NFC) tag.

This means charities can turn virtually anything into a mobile donation point by adding Thyngs' technology – be it a volunteer's badge, flyer or collection box. Meanwhile, retailers and other businesses can use the Thyngs platform to give customers easy access to exclusive online content such as promotional videos and discount vouchers. They can then track customer engagement in real-time and measure the success of their offline marketing.

Gill Thorpe, CEO of The Sourcing Team, said:"We are delighted to be partnering with Thyngs to add instant mobile engagement, payments and donations to our ethical and sustainable promotional merchandise. The partnership will make it quick and easy for us to turn promotional products into instant direct response campaigns, giving our clients an innovative data capture mechanism with real time analytics to help them demonstrate ROI."

Thyngs CEO Neil Garner said: "This new partnership with The Sourcing Team will see Thyngs transforming ordinary promotional items into extraordinary interactive experiences that revolutionise the way consumers engage with brands. Our ready-made solutions will make it quick and easy for their clients to take payments directly from sustainably-sourced collecting tins, deliver exclusive content via promotional items, collect data from trade fair giveaways, and much more.”

To find out more about how The Sourcing Team ethically and sustainably designs and sources promotional products, visit http://sourcing.co.uk/sustainability/

To learn more about how Thyngs technology can benefits charities and companies alike, go to https://thyngs.net/

The Sourcing Team is an ethical global sourcing company focussed on Transparency, Risk Management, Ethical and Sustainable promotional product solutions and have worked with some of the world's leading global brands, managing complex promotional campaigns. Their international clients include private, public and not-for-profit organisations as well as some of the leading global agencies.

Thyngs is on a mission to revolutionise consumer engagement by transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary experiences. The company's software and solutions bridge the physical and digital worlds, connecting consumers directly to brands, products and services, converting offline interest into instant mobile engagement, purchase and loyalty.

Contact Details:

Gill Thorpe FCIPS, CEO & Founder – gillthorpe@sourcing.co.uk T: +44 (0)07976 262758

Neil Garner, CEO & Founder, Thyngs – neil@thyngs.net T: +44 (0)7515 558111