More Sustainability Ideas from The Green Team!

Charlotte showed me a newspaper article this week about the use of reusable coffee cups – well really about how bad we all are at using them!

It made me wonder why we have all embraced the use of reusable water bottles but not coffee cups?   Of course, it’s easy and cleaner to refill a water bottle but their use has been helped by the supply of drinking water taps now readily provided at most major events such as Wimbledon.

Coffee, or any hot drink for that matter, is not so easily accommodated. It helps that some retailers give a discount if you use your own cup but for some reason, it’s still not an everyday thing. However, even if we all just bought that ‘first cup of the day’ in a reusable cup we would probably save thousands of cups a week in London alone!

If you work in an environment where take- away coffee is part of the culture why not make it a corporate challenge to have that first cup in a reusable cup? By supplying your staff (and your clients!) with a re-usable hot drinks cup you can get across your current message whilst making a difference. And that’s the key – useful products that are kind to the environment are the best of both worlds.

So what are you waiting for…?!

Sharon Childs – Head of Sustainability and The Green Team