The Sourcing Team and Thyngs partnership – Connecting consumers directly to brands, products and services

We are transforming promotional merchandise from ordinary products into Extraordinary experiences.

Revolutionising consumer engagement by linking physical and digital worlds, connecting consumers directly to brands, products and services - converting offline interest into instant mobile engagement, purchase and loyalty.

So how does it work?

Using NFC (near field communication) we are connecting objects to experiences.  NFC is a way of connecting two devices wirelessly when in close proximity.  NFC is what is used in your smartphone for your mobile wallet – quick and simple, simply tap your phone on the device and you can engage in all kinds of ways; download content, enable payment or enter in competition - the opportunities for customer interaction are huge.




Here are four examples which demonstrate how we can help you with your next technology enhanced Campaigns! 



 What's really cool, is with our technical partners Thyngs and our expertise in global sourcing and creating bespoke branded premiums - together we are turning amazing branded products into exciting, engaging campaigns – what's more everything is trackable through the Thyngs platform.  The platform uses the technologies in every smartphone to connect consumers to mobile-optimised content and commerce direct from our branded objects, with in-depth tracking and reporting.   The consumer engagement platform allows our clients to create, deploy and manage experiences that drive new revenue streams quickly and without headaches. By making it quick, cost-effective and easy for our clients to work with us we've taken technology blockers out of the game.

This means you can set up new marketing campaigns, payment and loyalty programmes quickly and cost-effectively, whatever the size of your audience. Together we provide everything you need including ready-made mobile experiences, easy-to-use management tools, detailed reporting and analytics, and integrations with popular payment providers.

Consumers connect to your content by simply tapping their phone on the branded object.

This delivers fantastic engaging opportunities for all sorts of activities for private, public and charity sectors.

Excellent opportunities for all types of applications all kinds of sectors and activities, here are a few examples:

Sustainable charity collection bucket

Charity – tap and donate, share campaigns, attract volunteers and content to drive awareness, lottery draw, challenge walks – capture donations on the go, tap in points linked to selfie shares

NFC Enabled Digital Business Card

Digital Business Cards - NFC enabled cards are a convenient method of delivering content. From sharing contact details and portfolio work, to triggering engaging content on the fly. Business cards are an elegant solution to social sharing of content.

NFC wristbands promotional merchandise

Festivals – tap for entry ID, offers, download special content from the festival, site information and maps

Retail – check product details, loyalty schemes, display items for direct to online orders, tap for product information download and additional content

NFC based customer loyalty cards

Hotels – tap room objects to find out about offers, restaurants, local tourist information and much more

NFC tattoo promotional merchandise

Launch movie trailers from a smart tattoo - add an NFC tag to just about anything, including temporary tattoos.

NFC event planning - Promotional campaigns and merchandise

Events & conferences – tap to download the event plan, book into a workshop, connect with key people, share feedback, sign up to an offer

Enhancing restaurant dining experience with NFC

Events & conferences – tap to download the event plan, book into a workshop, connect with key people, share feedback, sign up to an offer

Music concerts – enabled T-shirts – tap for special download content, back stories, back stage instant wins

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