What is the #Buy16in16 Campaign?

Everyone is a buyer.  When you make a trade or spend money, you are voting for the world you want.  Join the #Buy16in16 campaign and start shopping with purpose! Here are the facts:-

  • Women have only 60% of the economic opportunities as men worldwide
  • If women and men participated equally as entrepreneurs, the global GDP could rise by as much as US$1.5 trillion
  • Women-owned businesses earn less than 1% of the money spent on vendors by large corporations and governments

We have the power to change this! 

WEConnect International is challenging all buyers and procurement teams around the world to purchase at least 16 products or services from 16 different women-owned businesses in Buy#16in16.

If you are a global corporation and you would like support with your diversity programme or, you would like help connecting to amazing women-owned businesses around the world do contact www.weconnectinternational.org or, www.weconnecteurope.org they will gladly help you.

As a certified women-owned business in the promotional product sector – The Sourcing Team are keen to support this global initiative – we have created our “Wall of Fame” where we will be adding our women-owned businesses and supplier partners who we are supporting for this campaign.  We are also sharing their wonderful businesses with you with our “women to women chat”.

As we add to our “Wall of Fame” we will update you on twitter and on our Pinterest page.

To all my wonderful connections in Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply please if you can, find the opportunities to support this great global diversity campaign!

walloffame-banner-sourcing-team LEFTwalloffame-banner-sourcing-team-RIGHT



Our “Wall of Fame” will feature different women-owned businesses as we progress through the year.  Our first #Buy16in16 women-owned business share includes Noreen Cesareo from Market AccentsJeannette from Jeannette’s Great Cakes and Nancy Boxall from Rosie Brown Hairdressing.

Share the challenge and join us in 2016 as we proudly support women-owned businesses.