Pens and Writing

When we talk about being an ethical sourcing company – specialising in promotional products, prospect clients often say “oh, like pens and T-shirts!”.  Well yes, we do product 1000’s of promotional pens and T-shirts however, when you buy from The Sourcing Team you know we have done our research and we’ll only sell you quality branded products – making sure the products printed with your logo really say the right thing about your brand.  Branded promotional pens are a big seller.  For obvious reasons, what would life be like without a pen?  There are so many to choose from, something suitable for every brand – customised to really make your brand and message stand out and be memorable.

As well as looking at the designs, the flexibility to brand and pantone match, the ink writing length we also focus on looking at the factory where our pens are produced and the sustainability of the item. Our Team would be delighted to arrange a selection of visuals for your consideration and they’ll help you find the perfect pen and branding solution. Call the Team on +44 (0) 20 8288 8277 or send us your logo over and we’ll get things moving with some great recommendations

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