Promotional Bio Bike Seat Covers

The Bio Bike Seat Covers are certified and made out from genetically-free cornstarch. 100% biodegradable & compostable. Seat cover, masterbatch for colouring the product itself and printing ink are certified according to the European Standard EN 13432 with the “OK Compost” quality seal. Within a few weeks (8-12) 100% biodegradable by decomposition into naturally occurring, renewable and non-toxic starting products. Can be stored up to 24 months with no loss of quality. 100% water resistant. Material: corn starch (Mater-Bi®)

Thickness: 0,050 mm

Size: 45 cm diameter / 260 x 245 mm / T-Shape

Weight: 15 g

Guide price MOQ 2500 printed in 1 colour to 1 position £1.65