Be an Eco-Changemaker with Reusable, Recycled Plastic PET Bag Solutions!

Eco-friendly, made-to-order 100% Recycled Bags - Your brand, your design, all over!

Plastic - and plastic waste - is everywhere - and that is only one of the reasons why we should recycle it. In the UK,  we now have a number of campaigns and initiatives to help us cut down on single-use plastic in offices, retail outlets and in our daily lives. The pressure is on all of us to step up and be more responsible with our use and disposal of plastic - reusing and recycling wherever possible.

As a responsible, eco-friendly business, our focus is on making sure that our plastic products are reusable, recyclable or compostable. So we are delighted to have sourced these practical, robust and fun shoppers and bags made from 100% recycled plastic PET bottles - 100% green and eco-friendly!

100% Recycled PET Bottle shoppers

Bags are such fantastic tools for branded marketing.  Carry them everywhere -  folded in your pocket, your handbag etc. -  so that you always have a shopper available and can stop using disposable plastic carrier bags!

With prominent key messages such as reusable and recycled, they are a great way to demonstrate your eco brand values. Be part of the #eco-change and gain great brand memorability by using a well-designed bag that keeps working for your message!

100% Eco-friendly Recycled-PET Folding Bags

Our green and sustainably-sourced shopping bags made from PET Bottles are a double hit! Compact enough to keep in a pocket or handbag, the bags are great corporate or promotional items. The perfect gift and a definite keeper with your clients, customers and employees!


  • Minimum order: 1000 pieces
  • Delivery: 12-14 weeks from artwork approval
  • COMPACT, REUSE! - for your pocket or handbag, use again and again!
  • RESPONSIBLE -100% recycled PET plastic bottles
  • IMPACTFUL- all over standout full colour branding

Talk to us about our new innovative and unique eco-friendly and ethically sourced promotional bags. We can help you create a truly outstanding design that shows you care about our environment, and that as a responsible organisation, you are doing the right thing.

Contact our Client Services Director and Sustainability Champion Becky Fleury on or +44 (0)20  8666 0781 to discuss ideas and see how we can help you source responsible products.

And if you are interested in seeing what other organisations are doing to help make a difference, click here for a free copy of our White Paper.

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