Time to go Wireless! Qi Wireless Charging Devices – Wireless Power Consortium Compliant!

Having grown up with a world of wires, moving to a wireless environment may seem bizarre if not challenging to most. Yet wireless technology has been around for quite a while. We all remember hearing how our grandparents and parents tuned in to hear the "wireless" radio as early as the turn of the previous century.

Wireless has come a long way since then. The journey has been very visible... from wireless speakers, appliances and toothbrushes to phones and wireless internet... we are now talking wireless charging for our smart phones, tablets and laptops.  This is a massive tech trend for 2018. Like any other technologies that are spreading, they are exciting, new and definitely cutting edge.

Adopting Wireless

Wireless technology is bringing us closer to a more streamlined connected environment. The benefits are many, making it overall very easy to adopt in any environment:

Mobility: It cannot be denied.  The move to wireless has given us a great deal of mobility. While the technology is still in infancy and far from perfect, we are already converts; no longer tied to wires, landlines and power points.

Convenience: With wireless there are no cables to connect to. If there is sufficient strength, then the device will connect, work and now, charge. As you move, your wireless reaches out and automatically searches for other points to connect to. That is very convenient!

Flexibility: Wireless has freed us from limitations on connections that we come across with wired systems. From home WI-FI systems to equipment supporting physical connections, wireless can accommodate much more.

Less hassle, less costs: Wireless equipment is easier to install and maintain than wired.  Gadgets and equipment do not need time and effort for you to plan where to place wires,  neither do you need to engage any physical labour to install them.

As wireless dominates the range of products we use in our everyday life, and talk turns to the Internet of Things, we are part of that conversation and very excited about our range of new technologies.  They are cutting edge. They are top quality.  They are also practical, affordable and personalised.

The following are a selection of the great mobile wireless charging products we now have in range. They can all be branded with your own logo and message, creating a useful and memorable piece of promotional merchandise.  Also available are cases and protective covers as accessories.


Promotional Qi Wireless Charging Powerbank
The Zens Silicon Branded Custom Shape
USB Single Wireless Charger Round

Wireless is part of a sustainable future – and sustainable is at the heart of all our product choices! We are ensuring we are future-ready and sourcing high-tech quality promotional products that help to build a sustainable future. All the products we source are from brands and suppliers that have passed our due diligence. Their products are energy-efficient and help to reduce our environmental footprint.


These are a just a small selection from our extensive range of technology products that will enhance your brand – and remember we ensure that all our products are fully compliant and safe. We do all the due diligence on your behalf so that we only supply tested and certified branded promotional products, thus protecting our clients’ reputations and the safety of the clients’ consumers or customers.  Contact our Client Services Director and Compliance Champion Becky Fleury on hello@sourcing.co.uk or +44 (0) 7967 812350.

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