New Year Resolution: Stay Hydrated for a Healthy Mindset with our H20 Active Base Sports Bottle – Made in the UK

FACT: An average healthy person loses up to 80 fl.oz per day (that is over 2300mls) through sweating, eliminating toxins and breathing!

Water is important for all humans: up to 60% of an adult body is water, with the brain and heart comprising 73% water, and the lungs about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles, kidneys have 79%, and even the bones have 31% water.

It is easy to see why we need to stay hydrated.  And yet, when it is cold, or we are busy or distracted, we forget to drink, and then wonder why we have headaches, or feel tired, light headed or suffering from mood swings.

Dehydration is a very dangerous state for the body to be in.  In order for the brain to function effectively, the human body needs water. If we go through periods of dehydration, it does not take long to create the perfect environment for health and mental issues to occur.  Lack of water will cause brain cells to shrink, and this may result in memory loss, inability to concentrate, and serious mood swings.  This is apart from a serious potential for premature aging!

Water is health-giving and can make such a difference to your life. We certainly should not have to be reminded of its life-saving attributes, and what it can do to help maintain our brain health and brain longevity:

  • it feeds and supports growth of new and healthy brain cells
  • it balances hormones that affect moods and emotions
  • it lubricates joints and acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord
  • it assists in maintaining memory
  • it improves concentration, eliminating the ‘foggy brain’
  • it removes toxins and dangerous free radicals from your blood that  could otherwise be circulated to your brain
  • it affects the quality of sleep – dehydration will cause lack of sleep
  • it maintains and increases a healthy blood flow to the brain

Every day, we need to consume a certain amount of water, rich with its natural minerals and salts, to allow our bodies to function properly; and while some of this water is consumed in food, we all feel the need at times to top up with water or liquid - be it tea or coffee, or other drinks.

We do not necessarily need to be involved in sports, aerobic exercise or even hard physical work - we can get dehydrated at home or at our desk-bound jobs. If you are unsure about how much you top up on water during the day, why not invest in colourful branded water bottles for use at the gym, at home, at work?  - In fact, anywhere you wish to use it!

Fruit infuster bottle

As we kick off a brand new year, it is the perfect product to brand and use within your teams, with your colleagues or employees or give to clients to enjoy using anywhere, anytime - a healthy start for a healthy team!

With their bright colours and flexible designs, they are safe and compliant for use with food and liquids. Made from PET in the UK, they are also recyclable, practical and can be taken anywhere, allowing you to top up on your water daily, and even add fruit to vary the taste. Lemon or cucumber with water has been proven to be beneficial in so many ways: in addition to the health benefits of cucumbers - which are high in vitamin B-5 and support healthy skin, flushing out toxins to help maintain a healthy complexion, lemon added to water provides vitamin C, which also acts is a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and metabolism booster.

The H20 Active Base promotional sports bottle is not only good for you, it's also a more sustainable way to drink water.  Fabulous for CSR and HR whether for staff or as gifts - doing their bit for the environment whilst demonstrating they care about keeping their staff hydrated!

Now, that's one new year resolution taken care of!

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