Introducing: The Natural and Sustainable Appeel Notebook Collection

Inspired by nature and the changing scenery of the Italian landscape.

The Appeel collection is a story in sustainability that started in 1965 and today offers exclusive and high quality eco-leather handcrafted accessories and paper notebooks - all of which can be branded and ordered custom or from stock.

Crafted with love by the Castelli family business in Bergamo near Milan in the Lombardy Region of Italy, these accessories and notebooks - made from apple peel and selected vegetable fibres - are an innovative fusion of technology, imagination and stunning Italian style.

The Appeel Collection is a range of notebooks that have been created through a pioneering technique from the residual parts of apples that are often overlooked. Appeel offers a variety of exclusive, high quality eco-leather accessories and paper notebooks that exude the autumnal colours found within an orchard.

Truly masters of their craft, Castelli have been providing customers with inventive and unique branding solutions tailored for their products for over 50 years. Their experienced craftspeople take time to understand a company's promotional corporate branding needs and can help build a complete and tailor-made solution in every area of concept, design, branding, product development and logistics.

Range of apple peel notebooks

Ethical practices

The ethical and sustainable approach by larger companies to start sourcing products and suppliers based on their credentials and ethical practices is growing. As with Castelli, we can see this is becoming more and more important to provide - why risk your brand with products that could have a negative impact because the supply chain  does not have a responsible business approach?

As Castelli say, "We see the need for recycled/reused products becoming more important and more requested. We have introduced and will continue to innovate products on this merit like the Appeel Collection."

Brand reputation  is always important to uphold especially in a digital era where transparency of product or company failures are easily visible and talked about. While customers are always looking for something different, The Sourcing Team, through responsible suppliers such as Castelli, will always look to for products that combine uniqueness such as the Castelli Italian flair and practicality with ethically and environmentally sourced materials.

What makes Castelli products ethical and sustainable?

FSC and PEFC Certifications; SEDEX Members

Attention towards the environment and sustainable growth are key points in production for Castelli. They have made a conscious effort to obtain the most widely used and known worldwide, FSC and PEFC Environmental certifications that they can offer customers. They are also Sedex members which includes areas such as labour standards, health and safety, environmental and business ethics.

Sustainable is very important for us.  As Gill Thorpe, our CEO and Founder says,"We don't like to "tick boxes" - that's why we'd love to show you how sustainable and ethical our products are and demonstrate ways in which we can help your business do the right things when buying promotional materials."

Our own sourcing campaign – Buy Right, Get it Right – means that we buy products that are sourced ethically and with consideration to both people and planet.  Well-branded promotional products, from the right source, create great brand reputation and as proven, are enjoyed by your customers for a very long time, extending reach and awareness!

Call us today on +44 (0) 20 8288 8277 or email us.We can help you with great branded products that have a sustainable story.