Product Compliance for Branded Promotional Products

Focus On: Product Compliance

One of the key reasons many of our clients work with us is because we help them to mitigate their risk.

Whether in procurement, marketing, CSR or HR, our clients are generally all concerned about brand reputation and want to do all they can to protect it.

Risk, as we all know, is everywhere. As a global brand that has invested millions in building its identity and reputation, you really don’t want to see it trashed in moments on social media because corners were cut on something as manageable as product safety.

For years, we have been working with our clients, delivering products that are tested and compliant; many of these clients are in the FMCG sector, and we have created great, stand out products for their in-store campaigns. A major part of that success has been a direct result of their teams using our expertise to guide and lead them on bringing safe and appropriate products to market.

Branded premiums are memorable and can really drive a great in-store campaign. It is vital to choose the right product of the right quality for such a campaign. However, there is a lot more work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure the product is fit for purpose and that it will ultimately convey all the right points and values about the brand.

Product compliance is an area that requires expertise and sadly, many involved in the promotional products or premium sector often lack that expertise. Our advice would always be to ask for suppliers to demonstration  compliance. Just asking “Does the product comply with the local safety requirements?” won’t cut it. Should a challenge arise from a product you have purchased for your marketing campaign, you must be able to demonstrate full due diligence.

We all have a legal responsibility to carry out our due diligence and ensure we are doing all that we can to prevent unsafe products from being available on the market. When you buy someone a gift from a retail outlet or from your promotional product supplier, you have an expectation that it is safe and compliant – don’t you? However, as a corporate buyer or marketer, how do you know? What questions do you ask of your supplier?

I recently read some blogs from merchandise suppliers who said that “most products in the UK carry certificates” - but, do they? Really? I urge you to challenge your supplier to demonstrate compliance to protect your brand reputation. More importantly, it is to show you are a responsible purchaser of branded marketing products and that you care about your customers.

We love creating exciting branded marketing products.  We have 20+ years in carrying out the right due diligence because we care about our clients' reputations and the safety of the clients' consumers or customers.  We can advise you on how you too can manage product compliance to protect your brand reputation. Contact our Client Services Director and Compliance Champion Becky Fleury on or +44 (0) 7967 812350.

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