Guide to the Best Conference Promotional Products

With autumn just round the corner, calendars are busy filling up with conferences and meetings, right up to the end-of-year break. Becky and Grant, our experts in this field, are very much in demand, sharing our expert knowledge on the best way to plan, design and create memorable and relevant promotional products that truly reflect your brand values.

Time to go Wireless! Qi Wireless Charging Devices – Wireless Power Consortium Compliant!

Having grown up with a world of wires, moving to a wireless environment may seem bizarre if not challenging to most. Yet wireless technology has been around for quite a while. These are a just a small selection from our extensive range of technology products that will enhance your brand – and remember we ensure that all our products are fully compliant and safe.

January – A Time to Discover the New and Exciting to help our Clients Stand Out!

It really feels like a new year as we set off to visit the trade fairs taking place in those early days of January. A myriad route with new exciting products and potential new supply partners. We are on a mission, looking for the latest amazing products and trends for the year ahead. It is then back to the office, where the team carries out full due diligence on any new suppliers and products to make sure they fit with our ethical and compliance approval process before we can share with our customers.

Hot-Desking -the way forward..but how do you keep staff healthy in the process?

Hot-desking is here to stay, so how can responsible employers make the work environment one that takes into consideration employees’ health and well being? Many employees like to decorate their desk because it gives them a sense of space “ownership”…and there are many desk elements to be personalised, from stationery to accessories for laptops and other desk equipment.

New Year Resolution: Stay Hydrated for a Healthy Mindset with our H20 Active Base Sports Bottle – Made in the UK

Every day, we must consume a certain amount of water to allow our bodies to function properly. While some of this is consumed in food, we all feel the need to top up with water – we can get dehydrated at home or at work. If you are unsure about how much you drink during the day, why not invest in colourful branded water bottles for use at the gym, at home, at work?

Branded merchandise – bespoke or not bespoke – that is the question?

There are thousands of standard promotional products available to choose to from – many are available in multiple colour ranges and can be decorated with your brand and message in just a couple of weeks. However, if you really want to create memorable, stand out merchandise for your brand you may want to go ‘bespoke’!