Time to go Wireless! Qi Wireless Charging Devices – Wireless Power Consortium Compliant!

Having grown up with a world of wires, moving to a wireless environment may seem bizarre if not challenging to most. Yet wireless technology has been around for quite a while. These are a just a small selection from our extensive range of technology products that will enhance your brand – and remember we ensure that all our products are fully compliant and safe.

Single use Plastic – Time to step up to our Environmental Responsibility

We have 20+ years’ experience in partnering with clients and delivering responsible, sustainable and compliant promotional gifts and merchandise that are brand-enhancing and backed by the right due diligence. We are a responsible business and care about our environment. We also care about our clients’ commitments and reputations. We can advise you on how you too can be a responsible organisation, protecting the environment and your brand reputation.

New Year Resolution: Stay Hydrated for a Healthy Mindset with our H20 Active Base Sports Bottle – Made in the UK

Every day, we must consume a certain amount of water to allow our bodies to function properly. While some of this is consumed in food, we all feel the need to top up with water – we can get dehydrated at home or at work. If you are unsure about how much you drink during the day, why not invest in colourful branded water bottles for use at the gym, at home, at work?

Introducing: The Natural and Sustainable Appeel Notebook Collection

The Appeel collection is a story in sustainability that started in 1965 and today offers exclusive and high quality eco-leather handcrafted accessories and paper notebooks – all of which can be branded and ordered custom or from stock. These are a few of the sustainable ranges of promotional products and merchandise offered by The Sourcing Team

Product Compliance for Branded Promotional Products

One of the key reasons many of our clients work with us is because we help them to mitigate their risk. Whether in procurement, marketing, CSR or HR, they generally all worry about brand reputation and want to do all they can to protect it. Risk, as we all know, is everywhere. As a global brand that has invested millions in building its identity and reputation, you really don’t want to see it trashed in moments on social media because corners were cut on something as manageable as product safety.

Perennial favourites…your top promotional products during last year …still available to customise and include in your campaigns for this year.

Every year, we see certain selections topping the leaderboard for top promotional products with our corporate and charity clients. The ones shown below are firm favourites, and still available to customise, brand and include in your campaigns for this year. We can also develop bespoke products that enhance your brand …